Pelzer Player Hook Super Grip №2

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2D-J 052-002
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Pelzer Player Carp Hook (Germany) - one of the best carp hooks on the market!
Thanks to the PTFE coating and chemical sharpening of the sting with a microbeard, these forged hooks made of coarse wire stay sharp for a long time and do not blunt in water, easily enter the carp s lip and hold it securely during weighing.
For different versions of equipment, Pelzer offers three models of hooks in three sizes - №6, №4, №2.
The models differ in the length and shape of the rod, as well as the curvature of the eye (head).
The color of the hook is matte black with a brown tint. They are delivered in a double package - a convenient plastic micro-box is additionally placed in a dense plastic bag.
Number of hooks in the package - 12 pieces.

Hook specifications
Number 2
Type Single
For what Carpfishing
Quontity in pack 12
Head Ring
Speciall Chemical sharpening
Carpet Teflon
Country of registration of the brand Germany
Color Black matte with a brown tinge
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