Anaconda PC52-LR 12000

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  • Anaconda PC52-LR 12000


Anaconda PC52-LR-12000 - reel for carp fishing. Great for long throws. The worm gear ensures that the cord is perfectly inserted, which makes it easy to send the equipment over long distances and eliminates the formation of beards. The waterproof front brake system works on carbon disks, its braking force reaches 15 kg. The aluminum handle is screwed directly into the drive gear, has a non-slip knob.

Reels parameters
Type : carp
Number of bearings : 10 + 1
Body material : Graphite composite
Spool material : Aluminum
Spool size: 12000
Spool capacity: 0.40mm / 320m
Transition number: 4.1: 1
Brake system: front brake
Weigth ( gr.) : 650
Brake strength (kg): 15
Handle position: variable under both hands
For one turn of the handle exhausting (cm): 106
Механізм котушки: Worm Shaft
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