Tear Off Outrigger

Tear Off Outrigger

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With this new type of boom system, no rip line will be required for float- and guy-boom fishing. This boom kit contains all the components
required to clamp the mounting to a tree or a buoy. The boom is attached to a tree, branch or other suitable object at the rear end
using the stainless steel clip. From there, unwind the desired length of the 0.60 mm braided line and then secure the line in the wire
clamp. It is better to do this twice. You then fix the line clip at any point above the main assembly in the main line.
Now the ball bearing swivel of the line clip can be connected to the boom and the assembly is finished. The release force on the release
clip of the boom can be adjusted from approx. 2 - 10 kg.
This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the installation to any situation, such as flow, bait size and flotsam .... The boom has a very
low weight.
This is necessary to lift the assembly in difficult conditions (obstacles, weeds or boats) and to individually fish the catfish.
The boom systems are available in three different colors (red, green and dark green)
The coating consists of a new kind of high quality plastic that guarantees long durability. After fishing, the line can be easily rewound
on the boom and you can switch to a new place.
Advantages of this system:

  • quick and easy assembly
  • release force adjustable
  • exact and consistent release with set traction
  • no line twist due to 2 ball bearing swivel
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