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Iron Claw
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IRON CLAW Niyo Cast is an all-metal, low-profile casting rod for casting small baits weighing 5 grams. Coil with metal frame, side covers and spool. Great power train with very productive carbon disc brakes! Free-running spool has three-stage adjustment including magnetic, which allows you to perfectly pick up the weight of the bait and throw it at a long distance very accurately.

It is recommended for a complete set of fishing-rods with the test from 5 to 30 grams.

Model under the left hand.

Reels parameters
Type : Casting reel
Number of bearings : 9+1
Transition number: 6.3:1
Spool capacity: 0.30mm/110m
Body material : Aluminum
Spool material : Aluminum
Handle position: Under the left arm
Weigth ( gr.) : 248
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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