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Iron Claw
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The top series of very popular in Europe Iron Claw High-V rods from the German company Saenger is supplemented by a new High-V Red series, which includes 15 high-quality, perfectly balanced spinning rods for various techniques for catching all predatory freshwater fish. The range with the test load on the form starts from 0.5 grams to 105 grams, length - from 183 cm to 275 cm. The lightest model with a length of 183 cm with a test of 0.5-6 grams weighs 79 grams. All forms are thick-walled, made of highly compressed carbon 30 tons and equipped with high quality fittings. All rods are equipped with anti-slip tulips.
Extremely durable rods with a huge margin of safety!
Non-competitive value for money!
The High-V Red Jerk model is designed for fishing with large artificial lures weighing from 70 to 105 grams. The form is two-part, with a tubular top, equipped with a branded reel holder and a continuous combined trigger handle made of cork and EVA. while fishing.
  • Material of the form carbon 30 tons
  • Completely hollow top
  • Fast system
  • Anti-entanglement of the first four guide rings and a tulip
  • High quality SiC inserts
  • Solid combined handle
  • Branded coil holder

Rods parameters
Type : Jerking
Length (m) : 1.95
Casting ( gr. ) : 70-105
Sections number : 2
Body material : Carbon
Handholder material : Cork + Eva
Weighth : 166
Transporting length (m) : 1.04
Ring type : SiC
Fishing rod specialization Jerk and Twitch
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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