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Iron Claw
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The top series of very popular in Europe Iron Claw High-V rods from the German company Saenger. Includes 19 spinning rods for various techniques for catching all predatory freshwater fish. The range with the test load on the form starts from 0.5 grams and up to 90 grams, length - from 180 cm to 275 cm. The lightest model with a length of 180 cm with a test of 0.5-6 grams weighs only 68 grams! All forms are thick-walled, made of highly compressed carbon of 24 and 30 tons and equipped with high-quality fittings. All rods are equipped with anti-slip tulips and rings of type K.
Extremely durable rods with a huge margin of safety!
Non-competitive value for money!
Model S-701UL is designed for ultra-light fishing with very small and light artificial lures weighing from 0.5 to 6 grams. The form is two-part, with a glued solid carbon tip, equipped with a branded ultra-light reel seat and a separate handle with EVA.

    • The material of the carbon form is 24 and 30 tons
    • Full-bodied glued carbon top
    • Extra fast system
    • Anti-slip rings type K
    • High quality SiC inserts
    • Split lightweight handle with EVA
    • Branded coil holder

    Rods parameters
    Type : Spinning
    Length (m) : 2.13
    Casting ( gr. ) : 0.5-7
    Sections number : 2
    Body material : Carbon
    Handholder material : EVA
    Weighth : 86
    Transporting length (m) : 1.10
    Fishing rod specialization Nanodjig
    Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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