SAENGER Specitec Madenhaken №10 rot (10 pc.)

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Saenger Top Tackle System
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The program of specialized hooks with branded leashes for targeted fishing of specific fish species. Very sharp and strong hooks are made in Europe from high-quality carbon steel. Stings are chemical sharpened. Hooks are packed up one by one in a separate plastic bag which together create a miniature "book" from ten "pages".

SAENGER Specitec Madenhaken - a series of 6 hooks with a long rod and a 60 cm leash for catching white fish for maggots.

  • Leash length: 60cm
  • Leash diameter: 0,14mm

Hook specifications
Type Single
Number of hooks 10
Head Shoulder
For what For HPEaceful fish
Carpet Varnish
Color Red
Speciall With a leash
Quontity in pack 10
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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