IRON CLAW Steelhead Hook №3\0

IRON CLAW Steelhead Hook №3\0

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Iron Claw
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Iron Claw Steelhead is a hook for fishing large pond trout and all salmon fish, including marine species such as brown trout and salmon. Salt water resistant, very sharp and durable, made of the highest quality carbon steel. Extraordinary durability of the hook allows you to use it and in other types of sea fishing, as well as with great success in freshwater fishing for catfish, pike and zander. A versatile hook that will cope with any predator in the sea, or in freshwater lakes and rivers. Hook with a beveled and sharp as a needle, an original sharpening sting. A short curved shaft ends with an eyelet, which for ease of installation is slightly tilted back.

Hook specifications
Number 3\0
Type Single
For what For trout fishing
Quontity in pack 6
Head Ring
Speciall Chemical sharpening
Carpet Varnish
Country of registration of the brand Germany
Color Red
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