ANACONDA FС Shock Leaders 0.28-0.57mm 11-40lb 10m

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Anaconda Unlimited Systems
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Tapered Shock Leaders are explosive leaders that are ideal for very long throws with large lead weights. The thick diameter at the end of the shock leader allows for powerful shots without the risk of losing all rig. Excellent stretchability reduces the risk of injury to the fish when biting and hooking.

Tapered FC Shock Leaders are made of very durable and at the same time elastic fluorocarbon, which knits very well and is perfect for fishing in clear waters with an uncluttered sandy bottom, where carp for sport fishing are too careful and there is a need to mask well the rig and the leash to it.

In addition to carp fishing, it can be successfully used and sea fishing from the shore.

  • Very good knot strength
  • Crystal Clean
  • Perfectly smooth surface
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Very good breaking parameters
  • Invisible in the water

Thread parameters
Type: Monophile
Thread material Fluorocarbon
Diametr (mm): 0.28-0.57
Tensile load (kg): 5-18
Speciall: Abrasion resistant
Color: Transparent
Довжина (м): 10
Applying: Shock leader
Appointment: Carpfishing
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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