Anaconda PC 52 R 10000

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All the experience gained in recent decades in carp fishing is invested in this reel. Anaconda PC52-R has been tested for 2 years in various bodies of water throughout Europe. During 2014, this coil caught 53 carps weighing more than 20 kg, 10 carps weighing more than 30 kg and 3 carps weighing more than 35 kg. An absolutely innovative innovation is the freewheel lever, which has an internal space for beta light with a thickness of 4 x 20 mm , where you can place built-in fireflies 3 x 25 mm. Through the holes on the back of the lever, they show in the dark whether the baitrainer is involved or not. Thanks to the massive long spool, these coils are ideal for long distances, and the waterproof brake with an incredible braking force of 27 kg will come in handy in an extreme situation. The design combines a mixture of traditional and futuristic style.

Reels parameters
Type : carp
Number of bearings : 12 + 1
Body material : Graphite composite
Spool material : aluminum
Spool size: 10000
Spool capacity: 0.35mm / 400m
Transition number: 4.3: 1
Brake system: with beitraner
Weigth ( gr.) : 875
Brake strength (kg): 27
Handle position: variable under both hands
For one turn of the handle exhausting (cm): 81
Механізм котушки: Worm Shaft
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