AQUANTIC Acute Jig 8000i

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  • AQUANTIC Acute Jig 8000i

A real car with crazy power to hunt monsters of sea and freshwater depths! The equipment of this "meat grinder" is impressive - the body and rotor are made of duralumin resistant to sea water, and all other components, such as ball bearings, main shaft, etc., are resistant to rust. The whole mechanism is made of durable metal, and the brake is equipped with carbon discs. As a result - super-powerful inertia with extraordinary brake force! This coil is a faithful companion for many years, and possibly for life! But for it to serve long and without failure, even when all the components are made of stainless steel, it should be rinsed with fresh water after each use in salt water. Then the long life of your pet is guaranteed!

Recommended for sea and catfish fishing.

Reels parameters
Type : sea, catfish
Number of bearings : 6 + 1
Body material : aluminum
Spool material : aluminum
Spool size: 8000
Spool capacity: 0.40mm / 280m
Transition number: 4.9: 1
Brake system: front brake
Weigth ( gr.) : 700
Brake strength (kg): 18
Handle position: variable under both hands
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