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  • AQUANTIC Banana Pilk Double 500g green luminescent

The original "banana” pilker for heavy deep-water jigging from a boat. It is made of stainless steel without use of lead. In addition it is equipped with a powerful tee in the top part that considerably increases productivity of fishing. Its form provides extraordinary game under water even in a diving phase. As a result, strong vibrations are formed, which act on the lateral senses of predatory fish. Thanks to the additional connecting ear under the tee at the top, the pilker has a very interesting game and increased catch area, which is very important in the post-spawning and summer periods, when large fish, such as cod, are not beaten into shoals, but hunt more alone.

Equipped with salt-resistant, extremely strong and sharp tees Perma Steel company Mustad.

Lure №1 for deep sea fishing!

Indispensable when fishing in the seas of Norway!

  • Cast stainless steel housing
  • The surface covered with fluorescent resistant paint
  • Equipped with two tees in the lower and upper parts of the case
  • Powerful tees and connecting rings
  • Permitted for use in countries with the strictest environmental standards
  • Models with a luminescent coating are very visible to fish at great depths

Characteristics of the pilker
Type: Pilk
Weight (gr.) : 500
Length(cm): 22
Kolor: Green luminescent
Equipment: Triple hook Mustad №3\0
Number of hooks (pcs.): 2
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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