Silicone bait for halibut AQUANTIC Kveitejig 400gr B

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  • Silicone bait for halibut AQUANTIC Kveitejig 400gr B

Target bait for halibut. Method of fishing: Kveitejig falls to the bottom and rises 3-5 times by about 1 meter and is exhausted at medium speed without stopping on the surface, falls to the bottom again, rises 3-5 times by 1 meter and returns to the surface … This is repeated for a long time, until the fisherman provokes the halibut to attack, because the fish watches its prey for a long time, pursues it and often attacks only a few meters from the water surface. Therefore, when the halibut carefully takes the bait but does not hook , you should not stop, but you need to continue to raise the bait to the surface, because having stopped turning the handle of the reel, the fisherman makes the bait uninteresting to the predator and he just returns to the depths. this bottom predator will attack the bait again and more aggressively when it seems that everything is already lost.

 Although Kveitejig is a target bait for catching halibut, it is not neglected by large fish of other species (cod, ling, etc.), it can not only be lowered vertically, but successfully thrown without the risk of confusion or twist. Therefore, it can be caught and in horizontal fishing methods, including trolling.

  • Naturalistic bait in the form of eel
  • UV-active bait body material
  • Jig head shape in the shape of an eel head
  • Possibility to re-equip the bait with an additional tee or a leash with hooks

Characteristic of bait
Tipe bait : Equipped with silicone bait
Lure length (cm): 36
Weidth ( gr.) : 400
Number of hooks: 1
Type, brand, size of the hook : Jig head with a hook 12\0
Color: Black mother of pearl
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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