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AQUANTIC Norge Deep Diver is a great silicone lure for those who hunt big sea fish in Norway or Iceland. This artificial fish has a lead core and thus combines a traditionally active game of silicone lures with the ability to deliver it even to large sea depths. Four eyelets allow you to equip the Deep Diver with two tees and hang it in the "mouth area" and on the top for vertical fishing, or on the top for horizontal receptions, including trolling. Deep Diver is equipped with extremely strong locking rings and hooks VMC 8650 Permasteel, which speak for themselves. Halibut, cod, saithe, lyre, ling and minnow are the main prey of this bait.

  • Bait in the form of a natural fish
  • UV-active material
  • The sinker is placed inside the body of the bait
  • Possibility to re-equip the bait with an additional tee or a leash with hooks
  • Two different lugs for attaching the bait - one on the top, the other in front of the mouth

Characteristic of bait
Tipe bait : Equipped with silicone bait
Lure length (cm): 23
Weidth ( gr.) : 400
Number of hooks: 2
Type, brand, size of the hook : Triple hook VMC 8650 Permasteel №5\0
Color: Black red
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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