AQUANTIC Saltwater Leader 1.00mm 50m

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  • AQUANTIC Saltwater Leader 1.00mm 50m

AQUANTIC Saltwater Leader from the German manufacturer SAENGER is the optimum flood material for all aspects of fishing in seawater.

While developing the Saltwater Leader, the manufacturer paid special attention to two things:

  1. extreme abrasion resistance
  2. maximum invisibility underwater.

The result is almost perfect material for leaders. In order to be able to find the right leader for all conditions, the Saltwater Leader series is available in various sizes and capacities.

If you are looking for absolutely reliable material for a leader, you can stock up on this flood material without much thought.

Thread parameters
Type: Leader material
Fibers: HMPE
Diametr (mm): 1
Tensile load (kg): 40.82
Color: Transparent
Довжина (м): 50
Applying: Leader material
Appointment: Sea fishing
State manufacturer : Німеччина
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