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Iron Claw
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There are many rotating lures on the fishing lure market, but the differences between them in quality and function are huge. Many spinners look good, but are often functionally limited.

Instead, Iron Claw Blade Spinners from the German company Saenger are made of high quality materials, beautifully finished, perfectly painted with a durable paint and, most importantly !, run from the first moment as soon as the water touches. The spinners are equipped with the best Mustad hooks, and the petals have different decor on the outside and inside.

F-Blade Spinners with a classic oval petal for leisurely wiring. This spinner perfectly adapts to the force of the current and perfectly retains vibration. Even moving slowly downstream, this miracle spinner does not fail and is always alive and attracts predators.

L-Blade Spinners - spinners with a classic petal in the shape of a willow leaf rotate very well and steadily on fast currents. Perfectly cope at great depths, on the strongest currents and against the current. for hunting lake bottom predators that do not respond to high-speed baits.

All Blade Spinners combine German reliability, the highest quality materials, a bright appearance and impeccable work in the water!

Fishing spoon specificaton
Type: The spinner is rotating
Weigth ( gr.): 11
Length (см) : 5
Color: Green and red
Equipping: Triple hook Mustad №1
Number of hooks: 1
Speciall: Interior and exterior decor
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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