Dragon C-THRU Braid 0.10mm 8.05kg 125m

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  • Dragon C-THRU Braid 0.10mm 8.05kg 125m

The C-Thru braided cord is a revolutionary product from Toray. In addition to all the properties that characterize the best cords of this class, C-Thru is distinguished by the use of nanotechnology during the process of dyeing fibers. Due to the special application of paint crystals, light is not reflected, but refracted and almost completely scattered. It is very important that this phenomenon occurs completely only under water, and the effect is different and depends on the depth. For example, at a depth of 1 m, the visibility of the cord is reduced by more than 80 percent, and at 3 m - by almost 95 percent. If we add that C-Thru, in most cases, is very visible on the surface of the water, you get a fishing line with excellent optical characteristics, which is well seen by the fisherman, not seen by fish. C-Thru is not stretchable, round in cross section, and the applied fiber, reinforced with amylan, guarantees excellent static and dynamic strength. All these parameters make C-Thru an ideal cord for catching by drop-shot and swimbait methods, as well as other gentle methods. Larger diameters also work well during heavy jerking or cod fishing in the sea.

Thread parameters
Type: Braid
Fibers: HMPE Toray
Кількість жил: 4
Diametr (mm): 0.10
Tensile load (kg): 8.05
Speciall: Invisible in water
Color: Trans
Довжина (м): 125
Applying: The main cord
Appointment: Spinning fishing
State manufacturer : Japan
Country of registration of the brand: Poland
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