IRON CLAW Belly Boy NG Nature 21cm Brown Trout

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Iron Claw
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From now on, predatory fish have no right to ignore the bait, because now Belly Boy comes in a new version of NG Nature. Photorealistic prints on the bait create a deceptively real imitation of the predator's prey. But not only the appearance of the new rappers is great, but also their game. Belly Boy NG is based on proven Belly Boy lures. However, the body of the bait is a little thinner, and the angle of the tail is a little smaller. This structure provides a good game of rubber fish, but still allows smaller, 7 and 10 cm, to operate at very high frequencies, which often tempts predatory fish, especially perch, to attack.

The price is for 1 piece.

  • Model: Belly Boy NG Nature
  • Size: 21 cm
  • Color: Brown Trout

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