IC DOIYO Aibo 92 MIX 5st.

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Doiyo concept
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  • IC DOIYO Aibo 92 MIX 5st.

IC DOIYO Aibo 92 - high-performance soft edible silicone bait that mimics floating crayfish. Ideal for a variety of installations such as Texas, Carolina, drop shot, etc ... Bait with high buoyancy and garlic flavor is also a great addition as Doiyo Metal bait trailer adds extra appeal, such as Doiyo Sukato or Doiyo Kentoka.

The bait comes in plastic sealed packages in five different colors.

  • Article: 3853099
  • Model: IC DOIYO Aibo 92
  • Quantity in packing: MIX 5st.
  • Size: 9,2 cm

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