IC DOIYO Azuki 92 Fukai GH

IC DOIYO Azuki 92 Fukai GH

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  • IC DOIYO Azuki 92 Fukai GH


Doiyo Concept - high-quality lures from Japanese engineers who have done a huge and long-term work on the development of each model. The characteristics of these wobblers make them irresistibly catchy for all species of predatory fish. Mostly, the wobblers are equipped with the best fittings and tees from Mustad, and some models are equipped with VMC hooks.

Meaning of descriptive names:

  • Fukai - deep
  • Shudan - medium
  • Hiratai - shallow
  • Omote - topwater
  • Ukabu – suspending

Azuki unique trolling wobblers are based solely on the specifications and drawings of Doiyo engineers, who aimed to create a unique lure about 9 cm in size, not too big, but with great immersion. As a result of fruitful work, this unique and very catchy wobbler was created. In particular, the RGO wobbler resembles a bull, which is increasingly found in our waters and is becoming a popular prey for our predators, especially pike perch. The color of RGO is a little lighter than the color of a bull, therefore the wobbler becomes more noticeable and is better perceived by a predatory fish.

Azuki Fukai is also an excellent lure for spinners, which, if necessary, can be held deep enough and successfully catch deep areas of our bodies of water both from the shore and from the boat.

When you need to fish at shallow depths, Azuki Hiratai will come to the rescue, which was created on the basis of the same successful concept as Azuki Fukai, with the only difference that it is shallow due to the size of the blade while maintaining the body size of the bait. Both lines of Azuki wobblers are equipped with branded Mustad tees and noise balls - large in the transverse channel of the head and several small ones that move freely inside the body without any channels. Thanks to this and, consequently, frequent balance changes, the water wobbler behaves very unusually. to itself the increased attention of predators.

  • Body length without steering paddle: 92 mm
  • Weight of the equipped wobbler: 15,4gr
  • Buoyancy: deep diving, floating
  • Depth of immersion: up to 6,4 m
  • Color: GH

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