IC DOIYO Blaze Oji Craw PI

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  • IC DOIYO Blaze Oji Craw PI

IC DOIYO Blaze Oji Craw is a small crab made of edible salted and flavored silicone in the right size to encourage, for example, a perch for a quick attack. But not only perch, but also other predators are very willing to be led to this bait. Oji Craw can be offered for all methods of fishing. Also this crayfish is a guarantee of success in installation of drop shop.

The baits are supplied in airtight packages of 10 pieces.

  • Article: 3860155
  • Model: Blaze Oji Craw
  • Size: 5,1cm
  • Weight: 1,45g
  • Color: PI

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