IC DOIYO Byo 94 MIX 10st.

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Doiyo concept
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  • IC DOIYO Byo 94 MIX 10st.

Doiyo Byo 94 - floating silicone bait with garlic flavor. T-shaped tail makes it the most effective in the installation of a drop shot. But, like all other silicone lures Doiyo, can be successfully used in various fishing methods. For example, simply hooked through the nose and installed with a split shot. That is, Doiyo Byo 94 a truly universal soft bait that will be appreciated not only by pike perch, but also by other freshwater predators.

The bait comes in plastic sealed packages in five different colors, two each.

  • Article: 3858099
  • Model: IC DOIYO Byo 94
  • Quantity in packing: MIX 10st.
  • Flavor: taste of garlic
  • Size: 9,4 cm

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