IC DOIYO Hiru 138 MIX 5st.

IC DOIYO Hiru 138 MIX 5st.

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  • IC DOIYO Hiru 138 MIX 5st.


IC DOIYO Hiru 138 - floating edible silicone with an elongated body shape, which is especially popular with pike perch. This bait can be caught in any way and in almost all installations - with a classic jig head, in assemblies such as Texas, Carolina, Split Shot or Drop Shot. The method of carrying the bait can vary from sharp jumps to very slow movement on the bottom. It is also great as a trailer for Doiyo Metal Lures baits.

The bait comes in plastic sealed packages in five different colors.

  • Article: 3854199
  • Model: IC DOIYO Hiru 138
  • Quantity in packing: MIX 5st.
  • Flavor: taste of garlic
  • Size: 13,8 cm

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