Wobbler IC DOIYO Jodan 72 Omote GH

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Doiyo concept
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  • Wobbler IC DOIYO Jodan 72 Omote GH

Doiyo Concept - high-quality lures from Japanese engineers who have done a huge and long-term work on the development of each model. The characteristics of these wobblers make them irresistibly catchy for all species of predatory fish. Mostly, the wobblers are equipped with the best fittings and tees from Mustad, and some models are equipped with VMC hooks.

Meaning of descriptive names:

  • Fukai - deep
  • Shudan - medium
  • Hiratai - shallow
  • Omote - topwater
  • Ukabu – suspending

Jodan, aka Kobold, aka Leprechaun - this is how fairy-tale squat creatures of small stature, keepers of treasures and realizers of innermost desires are called in the folklore of different nations. In short - wizards! Such a magician is the Jodan 72 wobbler among all artificial lures! Indeed, this 7-centimeter thick fatty works just wonders on the shallow floodplains of not only Finnish and Swedish lakes, but also the Volyn Svityaz, Kiev Stugna, the headwaters of the Khrynnitsa reservoir, Dniester tributaries, Dnieper and Danube floodplains ... Fishing with this wobbler is an extraordinary pleasure! After all, this bait during its posting goes so evenly and so close to the surface of the water that it is constantly in the field of view of the fisherman and the moment of the attack of the predator is almost always visible! An unforgettable sight! Although this wobbler loves pike most of all, pike perch, large perch, or even catfish on a summer evening quite often try to test the strength of the best tees of the Norwegian company Mustad, with which this wonderful wobbler is equipped! The secret to its extraordinary performance lies in its design. In its essence, it is a surface bait. But in comparison with the popper, the Jodan 72 has the shape of a crank. Its small but wide blade is built into the body at an angle of 90 degrees and has two holes in it, which slightly level the pressure on the bait and excite water around itself, combined with large noise balls in the body, all these factors attract the attention of even a well-fed and inactive predator, which stands relaxed in the shade under a wall of sedges or reeds and simply makes this magic bait attack!

Wobler specifications
Type Fat
Length(mm) 72
Weight(gr) 21
flotation Floating
Depth of immersion(m) 0-0.3
Type Noise
Kolor GH
Number of hooks 2
Type and brand of hook Triple hook Mustad
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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