Cicada IC DOIYO Maku 12g BS

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Doiyo concept
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Metal micro-lures were created for catching bigmouth bass (bass, trout), which is very popular in Japan. But these small big-headed cicadas work just as well with our predators. Sometimes our bass is very moody and no matter what bait is offered to it , he totally ignores them. Doiyo Maku baits can radically change the situation in favor of the fisherman. After all, these fantastic kids, when other baits are powerless, can successfully outwit not only perch, but also trout, chub, asp, ide ... Doiyo Maku - these are completely redesigned Yureru lures, which now have tail spoons and an enlarged head, which significantly increases the ability to cast the lure with great accuracy over long distances. DOIYO Maku features a double Mustad hook and a swivel tail lure that can be easily detached if needed.

Wobler specifications
Type Cicada
Length(mm) 33
Weight(gr) 12
flotation Sinking
Type With a spinner
Kolor BS
Number of hooks 1
Type and brand of hook Double hook Mustad
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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