IC DOIYO Neiru Spinnerbait PI

IC DOIYO Neiru Spinnerbait PI

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  • IC DOIYO Neiru Spinnerbait PI


Doiyo Neiru Spinnerbait is a jet, high-vibration spinner bait, specially designed for fishing on slow wires. But it can also be used at high speeds, especially when predatory fish are intensively fed. The bait is distinguished by the fact that it can be easily launched and carried out linearly at different depths, even in ponds with a large amount of vegetation.

Doiyo Neiru is an original and highly efficient spinnerbait. Excellent functionality with high-frequency operation of the silicone bait Doiyo Neiru Shad creates an irresistible combination of stimuli for predatory fish. If the silicone on the spinnerbait is damaged after too many fish attacks, it can easily be replaced with a new Doiyo Neiru Shad bait.

Comes in a blister.

Spare silicone lures can be purchased for a fee.

Article: 3825190

Color: PI

Weight: 3.5 g

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