Imitation of a mouse IC DOIYO Nezumi 62 GM

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Doiyo concept
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  • Imitation of a mouse IC DOIYO Nezumi 62 GM

Doiyo Concept - high quality lures from Japanese engineers who have done a huge and many years of work on the development of each model. All of these lures are made of extremely durable ABS plastic and contain a noise capsule, or special metal balls to optimize the casting characteristics of the lure. The characteristics of these plugs make them irresistibly catchy for all types of predatory fish. Most of the plugs are equipped with the best fittings and Mustad tees, and some models are armed with VMC hooks.

Meaning of descriptive names:

  • Fukai - deep
  • Shudan - medium immersion (medium)
  • Hiratai - shallow
  • Omote - surface (topwater)
  • Ukabu - neutral (suspending)

A very realistic imitation of a mouse, made of heavy-duty material that can withstand numerous attacks of toothy predatory fish. Designed for catching thickets of water lilies and other vegetation on the surface of the water. Designed primarily for hunting pike. But also zander, and especially catfish, - it’s not so uncommon when they are tempted by a mouse, which, with a slight gurgling and muffled noise, makes its way between the water swarms. Powerful and sharp double hook, which is designed for trophy fish, built in so that it completely free and without hooks passes through the vegetation therefore, the mouse can even fish in places where other bait will be completely unsuitable for fishing. Unlike other surface lures, Nezumi has a completely different game - it does not gurgle much, and the noise ball does not create excessive noise, like a popper or a walker, but has a muffled sound. It is recommended that the bait is drawn evenly between the water lilies, which mimics the natural behavior no mouse. But the game can be activated and work it like a popper, if Nezumi gets into small clear meadows between the overgrowths. Very interesting and effective bait! Especially in the evening, when a hungry large predator comes out to hunt. It is then, on a calm and quiet water surface, that the moment of a pike attack looks very spectacular, which will be remembered for a long time not only by a novice fisherman, but also by an experienced hunter for toothy monsters.

The lure is equipped with a double Mustad hook and a noise ball inside which creates a very muffled sound

Wobler specifications
Type Imitation of a mouse
Length(mm) 62
Weight(gr) 11
flotation Topwater
Depth of immersion(m) 0.0
Type Noise
Kolor GM
Number of hooks 1
Type and brand of hook Double hook Mustad
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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