IC DOIYO Sugata 72 CR 5st.

IC DOIYO Sugata 72 CR 5st.

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Doiyo concept
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Doiyo Sugata is a high-quality realistic imitation of crayfish, a favorite food of perch, pike perch and other predatory fish. The 7.2 cm long Sugata has an attractive garlic aroma that is irresistibly tempting for predatory fish! Because Doiyo Sugata floats, it's perfect for drop shots, Texas Rig and Carolina Rig methods. But even when fishing for a jig head, due to its buoyancy, it becomes like a real cancer.

The bait is delivered in plastic tight packings.

  • Article: 3855073
  • Model: Sugata 72 CR
  • Quantity in packing: 5 pieces
  • Flavor: taste of garlic
  • Size: 7,2 cm

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