IC DOIYO Sukato 14g BB

IC DOIYO Sukato 14g BB

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  • IC DOIYO Sukato 14g BB


Jig bait with a skirt. Due to its size and light weight, Sukato is ideally suited for catching European perch. But pike perch can also be quickly seduced by this bait. Hooks are minimized thanks to protection against algae over the hook. A special tip is to use a jig with a soft silicone bait, preferably cancer. Thanks to the attached silicone "trailer", which in a broad sense already mimics the claws of a cancer, Sukato can successfully catch even when frequent fish attacks have destroyed the main skirt made of thin silicone threads. The most effective method of fishing is simply to make a jig over the bottom of the pond with short jumps.

Article: 3828144

Color: BB

Weight: 14 g

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