Wobbler IC DOIYO Supido 100 Omote SBL

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Doiyo concept
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  • Wobbler IC DOIYO Supido 100 Omote SBL

Doiyo Concept - high-quality lures from Japanese engineers who have done a huge and long-term work on the development of each model. The characteristics of these wobblers make them irresistibly catchy for all species of predatory fish. Mostly, the wobblers are equipped with the best fittings and tees from Mustad, and some models are equipped with VMC hooks.

Meaning of descriptive names:

  • Fukai - deep
  • Shudan - medium
  • Hiratai - shallow
  • Omote - topwater
  • Ukabu – suspending

Wobblers for surface fishing are very much in vogue now, and since this type of fishing is not very anonymous, all the actions of the lure and the predator attacking it are almost always in full view, the Supido 100 guarantees a lot of exciting, joyful and unforgettable impressions! It doesn't cost him anything to outsmart the perch that chews on the ground, or the pike, which even in autumn loves to walk in shallow creeks and catch a little roach, which enjoy the last warm days before settling in wintering pits. Finally, the big asp will not ignore this walker. The main thing is not to scare him with your presence. But this is no longer the problem of the Supido 100, but only the fisherman. Or rather, his skill and the range of his rod. It's no secret that when hunting for asp, you need to take into account his caution and try to be as far as possible from the place of its deployment, and deliver the bait to him with a long long-range spinning rod. To increase the catching power of this bait, you should apply uniform posting with constant twitching of the rod so that the walker moves in a zigzag path, thereby resembling movement on the water, for example, a snake. This method is very effective when hunting for pike and then you do not have to wait long for the manifestation of its aggression. Doiyo Supido 100 is equipped with Mustad tees and a noise capsule, which provides a kind of musical accompaniment to the entire fishing process.

Wobler specifications
Type Walker
Length(mm) 100
Weight(gr) 15
flotation Floating
Depth of immersion(m) 0.0
Type Noise
Kolor SBL
Number of hooks 2
Type and brand of hook Triple hook Mustad
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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