IC DOIYO Yuragu 52 Hiratai NPC

IC DOIYO Yuragu 52 Hiratai NPC

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Doiyo concept
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  • IC DOIYO Yuragu 52 Hiratai NPC


Doiyo Concept - high quality lures from Japanese engineers who have done a huge and many years of work on the development of each model. All of these lures are made of extremely durable ABS plastic and contain a noise capsule, or special metal balls to optimize the casting characteristics of the lure. The characteristics of these plugs make them irresistibly catchy for all types of predatory fish. Most of the plugs are equipped with the best fittings and Mustad tees, and some models are armed with VMC hooks.

Meaning of descriptive names:

  • Fukai - deep
  • Shudan - medium immersion (medium)
  • Hiratai - shallow
  • Omote - surface (topwater)
  • Ukabu - neutral (suspending)

Co-developed by Doiyo and Iron Claw for the European market, the small Yuragu 55 is a lure that, with its frequent, restless and violent flanking movements, teases the perch especially hard and drives them to the point of madness! Of course, such an active game, reinforced by noise balls inside, also successfully provokes other predators, but this wobbler, first of all, is the target bait for catching perch.

Big Yuragu 115 is a wobbler that behaves more solidly in the water from its younger brother, its active game at not very high speeds imitates the escape of wounded prey, which will certainly attract the attention of the pike and which will definitely not miss a chance to attack this noise bait even from a long distance ...

Made from environmentally friendly material, equipped with extremely sharp Mustad tees and noise balls inside.

  • Length: 52mm
  • Equipped wobbler weight: 4,2g
  • Buoyancy: floating
  • Immersion depth: 0,2-0,8 m
  • Color: NPC

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