IRON CLAW Racker Shad 22cm GF

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Iron Claw
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Several years of painstaking work went into the development and creation of the Racker Shad series lures. Valuable experience in terms of material, shape and color has been invested in these top-notch ladies! These soft lures impress not only with their appearance, but also with impressive durability - they withstand even the sharpest pike teeth! The lures have very good buoyancy and have proven themselves great not only on pike, zander and other freshwater predators, but they are also an insider in salt water for cod, pollock and halibut! The innovative shakers are produced with high and above all consistent quality. Perfect surface - thanks to the high-tech injection molding process! Small lures are produced with a hook channel, and 17 and 22 cm - with a pocket for keeping the hook.

Perfect ecological balance from raw materials to packaging! All this product comes from Germany! Box, stickers, bait - all regional products, within a radius of about 50 km from the Sänger company.

The Racker Shad is made from a material that is completely free of PVC and phthalates. *** That is, these products are 100% NOT toxic! All materials are harmless and environmentally friendly! Biologically harmless and bright colors! No chemical smell!

Racker Shad lures catch more fish and last about 100 times longer than other brands!

The price is for 1 piece.

  • Model: Racker Shad
  • Size: 22cm
  • Color: GF

ATTENTION! Racker Shads should NOT be stored in the box with regular silicone baits. The plasticizers of other lures are aggressive and attack the Racker Shad material. So aggressive, in fact, that you should definitely clean the boxes that contained other old baits with detergent and hot water!

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