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Iron Claw
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Iron Claw Apace - a series of small. with different parameers of wobblers. made of ABS plastic. Ideal for catching trout. perch. pike perch. headgear. etc. The part of the wobblers is equipped with noise balls in magnetic channels. Different forms of lure give a wide range of options for choosing the type and method of fishing. depending on the situation in the reservoir. All lures before delivery are tested in a specialized reservoir. However. if it happens that the wobblers do not work the way you want it. you can change its parameters by gently bending the eyelash. But be careful! - deformation of the hole. even a tenth of the millimeter range. greatly changes the parameters of the flight and the game of bait. All lures are equipped with VMC tees and come with additional single hooks. which can be easily installed. if necessary.

2.9 g.
0.4-1.4 m.
F = floating
S = drowsy
IMF = Neutral
DRF = deep immersion floating
SDRF = very deep immersion floating
SRF = shallow submersion floating
TBS = for tweeting drowning
TW = superficial
Characteristic of bait
Tipe bait : воблер глибокого занурення
Characteristic bait: шумовий з магнітним каналом
Lure length (mm): 34
Weidth ( gr.) : 3.9
Recess (m): 0.6 -1.9
Buoyancy: плаваючий
Number of hooks: 2
Type, brand, size of the hook : трійник VMC #8
Color: WF
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