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Iron Claw
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  • Silicone bait for a large predator IRON CLAW Slab Double Curl 23cm CCS (1pcs.)

In fact, the IRON CLAW Slab Double Curl is nothing more than an IRON CLAW Slab Shad Body, in which the "ripper" tail is replaced by a double twisted "twister". It is known that this type of bait is extremely effective! Especially when fishing for large bottom pike. Like Slab Shad, Slab Double Curl can be armed with different types of hooks, weights, jig heads, be part of various installations and systems. However, this bait works best in conjunction with Slab Shad Rig System even without additional overcrowding, which allows you to catch very cluttered and shallow floodplains and ponds, which are so loved by a large spotted robber! Indeed, a very easy to use bait with a huge "pike" potential! But it can work no less successfully at sea depths as part of systems for catching large marine fish for both trolling and vertical jigging from a boat.

Universal and very effective bait!

Comes in a blister of 1 pcs ..

  • Naturalistic bait in the form of a fish
  • UV active material
  • For fishing with fishing rods with a lower test of 97 gr

Characteristic of bait
Length (inch) 9
Tipe bait : Silicone
Characteristic bait: Super strong UV material
Lure length (cm): 23
Color: Orange-black
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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