IRON TROUT Bee Maggots W

IRON TROUT Bee Maggots W

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Iron Trout
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  • IRON TROUT Bee Maggots W


IRON TROUT Bee Maggots - silicone bait in the form of natural maggot for catching trout, as well as redfish, crucian carp and other fish. Bee Maggots are made of floating silicone. Due to their special shape, they can be stretched on a hook in such a way that they turn seductively when pulled and thus stimulate trout attacks. Usually these baits can withstand the attacks of several fish, so they can be used several times. The catchability of the bait can be increased if it is flavored with sprays of IT attractors.

The bait is delivered in plastic tight packings.

  • Quantity in packing: 20 pieces
  • Size: 2,5 cm

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