IRON TROUT Chakka HCX Premium 3000

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Iron Trout
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  • IRON TROUT Chakka HCX Premium 3000


In its Iron Trout program, the German company Saenger offers a wide range of products from reels and rods to the smallest details needed to equip trout rods and spinning rods.

Chakka HCX Premium 3000 is a dream trout for trout fishing that meets the highest standards and is the flagship among the IRON TROUT reels. Very light weight, thanks to the carbon body, handle and rotor, smooth operation of a powerful but very fast mechanism equipped with Japanese bearings NSK , impeccable front friction brake with graphite discs and modern design make this reel unsurpassed among its "classmates" from other brands! This reel is not only a pearl on the water, but also a real workhorse, able to withstand huge loads while weighing the largest fish.

Reels parameters
Тип: spinning
Brake system: front brake
Number of bearings : 5+1
Spool capacity: 0.20mm/240m
Transition number: 6.0:1
Body material : graphite composite
Handle position: variable under both hands
Spool material : aluminium
Weigth: 243
Spool size: 3000
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