Jaxon Holo Select Golbat 3,5cm 2,5g

Jaxon Holo Select Golbat 3,5cm 2,5g

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  • Jaxon Holo Select Golbat 3,5cm 2,5g


Jaxon Holo Select Golbat - small floating wobblers for trout and perch.
The wobbler is equipped with high-quality VMC tees.
Made in Poland under strict quality control. Each bait is individually tested before shipment from the factory.
  • Length of a wobbler without a shovel: 35 mm
  • Weight of the equipped wobbler: 2,5gr.
  • Buoyancy: floating
  • Depth of immersion: 0.4 - 0.8 m
  • Color: NA
Characteristic of bait
Tipe bait : воблер
Characteristic bait: без шумової капсули
Lure length (mm): 35
Weidth ( gr.) : 2.5
Recess (m): 0.4 - 0.8
Buoyancy: плаваючий
Number of hooks: 2
Type, brand, size of the hook : трійник VMC #12
Color: NA
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