Braid Jaxon New Concept Premium gray 0.30mm 40kg 100m

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  • Braid Jaxon New Concept Premium gray 0.30mm 40kg 100m

Modern universal braided cord made of PE technology from Dyneema microfibers. Maximum endurance and resistance to external influences. The smooth surface reduces friction in the rings and allows you to get a much longer and more accurate cast than with a standard cord. Zero stretchability - maximum sensitivity! NEW CONCEPT LINE - resistant to ultraviolet rays and high temperatures. All this allows you to use this braided cord for several seasons.

WARNING! The manufacturer emphasizes that the data on the maximum load on the gap means that this line, provided the experience of the fisherman CAN catch the fish with the weight indicated on the package.

Thread parameters
Type: Braid
Fibers: HPE
Кількість жил: 4
Diametr (mm): 0.30
Tensile load (kg): 40
Speciall: Abrasion resistant
Color: Gray
Довжина (м): 100
Applying: The main cord
Appointment: Spinning fishing
State manufacturer : Japan
Country of registration of the brand: Poland
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