Boxing for tackle Meiho Versus VS 3080

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1D-F 300-480
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MEIHO VS-3080 Schwarz is the flagship of MEIHO! Large, two-compartment, easy-to-use fishing tackle box. The top cover made of transparent polycarbonate allows you to freely inspect the compartment, which has a system of fixed and removable jumpers that allow you to freely configure the interior space of the compartment to suit the fisherman's own needs. The rather spacious bottom compartment, in which the sections are also freely formed, provides room for large items, for example, for fishing reels, as well as for placing smaller boxes from the MEIHO range, which are not included in the set, but which can be purchased for a fee. The compartments are equipped with reliable locks that automatically block unauthorized opening of the compartments when moving the box with unlocked locks.

An original case made in Japan.

Characteristics of the box
Type Boxing for tackle
Appointment Spinning fishing
Dimensions 48 х 35.6 х 18.6 сm
Number of branches 2
Country of registration of the brand Japan
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