Spinning reel Mistrall Amundson FD10

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  • Spinning reel Mistrall Amundson FD10

Mistrall Amundson FD10 - a high-end spinning reel will appeal to the most demanding anglers. The graphite body of attractive design contains a fail-safe mechanism with high-quality bearings. Metal handle with a convenient knob on the bearings. Accurate, well-adjusted front brake allows you to easily weigh even a trophy fish and emerge victorious in a fascinating duel with a river or lake predator.

Reels parameters
Type : Spinning
Friction: Front
Number of bearings : 9+1
Transition number: 5.2:1
Spool size: 1000
Spool capacity: 0.22mm/125m
Body material : Graphite composite
Spool material : Aluminum
Spare spool material: Aluminum
Handle position: Variable under both hands
Weigth ( gr.) : 278
Country of registration of the brand: Poland
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