Mistrall Atago FD20

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The top reel ATAGO is suitable for many types of fishing, but this spinner is most often used by spinners. This product of the Polish company Mistral uses all the latest technologies: lightweight metal body and rotor, Japanese bearings, computer balancing of the rotor, anti-vibration system and high-quality cord winding system that protects the line from the beard, and the endless screw in the mechanism ensures flawless installation.

Reels parameters
Type : spinning
Number of bearings : 9 + 1
Body material : aluminum
Spool material : Aluminum
Spare spool material: aluminum
Spool size: 2000
Spool capacity: 0.20mm / 160m
Transition number: 5.0: 1
Brake system: front brake
Weigth ( gr.) : 255
Handle position: variable under both hands
Механізм котушки: Worm Shaft
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