Picker rod MS Range Limited Picker 270cm 10-35g 2tlg.

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Saenger Top Tackle System
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  • Picker rod MS Range Limited Picker 270cm 10-35g 2tlg.

MS Range Limited Picker is a high-quality picker rod from the German company Saenger. Ideally suited for short-distance fishing using light feeders or a conventional lead sinker. The three tips of the rod of different stiffness are very sensitive and show even the weakest bites. The progressive carbon blanks used are quite fast, but they work as efficiently as possible and knit both large and small fish equally well. The modern design, using the now popular combination of cork and EVA in the handle cover, makes a good visual and tactile impression.

MS Range Limited Picker 270 - a light picker rod for short-distance fishing using a variety of bottom mounts. Comes with three fiberglass tips of different stiffness.

  • Material of the form from high-elastic carbon
  • Branded reel seat with bottom nut
  • Strong rings with SiC inserts
  • Three tops in a set
  • Number of rings 11 + 1
  • Solid combination handle with EVA and cork
  • Tolerance weight of the bait from 10 to 35 grams

Rods parameters
Type : Picker
Length (m) : 2.7
Casting ( gr. ) : 10-35
Sections number : 2+3
Body material : Carbon
Handholder material : EVA+Cork
Weighth : 138
Transporting length (m) : 1.36
Ring type : SiC
Fishing rod specialization Bottom fishing
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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