Feeder reel MS RANGE Prime Feeder 5000X + 1 Aluminium Extraspule

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MS Range
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  • Feeder reel MS RANGE Prime Feeder 5000X + 1 Aluminium Extraspule

The Ms Range brand enjoys well-deserved recognition throughout Europe. Its products are intended mainly for professional fishermen. The Ms Range team is very successful in feeder fishing competitions, has the title of European and world champions. As part of its program, MS Range also offers a wide and innovative series of lures and baits created by the titled professional fisherman Michael Schlogel.

The inertialess coil MS Range Prime Feeder 5000X with a front brake is intended for catching by methods of a match and a feeder. For efficient fishing, it is often necessary to throw the feeder over long distances. But it does not always depend on the rod. Here also plays not the last role and the reel. MS-Range Prime Feeder 5000X thanks to its design, precise fishing line, "long-range" shallow spool type "long cfst" in combination with a well-balanced rod makes it a real trophy hunter at great distances from shore.

  • The case is made of graphite resistant to deformation
  • Aluminum spool type "long cast"
  • Additional aluminum spool type "long cast"
  • Aluminum handle with EVA knob
  • Curve System winding system
  • The mechanism with the infinite screw Worm Shaft
  • Vibration-free rotor system Vibration Proofed System
  • Thick bracket of the Big Bail fishing line stacker

Reels parameters
Type : Feeder
Friction: Front
Number of bearings : 10+1
Transition number: 4.9:1
Spool size: 5000
Spool capacity: 0.25mm/300m
Body material : Graphite composite
Spool material : Aluminum
Spare spool material: Aluminum
For one turn of the handle exhausting (cm): 87
Механізм котушки: Worm Shaft
Weigth ( gr.) : 540
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