Pelzer Carp Line XT 0.35mm 1200m darkgreen

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2D-C 133-035
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  • Pelzer Carp Line XT 0.35mm 1200m darkgreen

Inexpensive line from the German company Pelzer. Provides an optimal combination of elasticity and abrasion resistance, has all the properties necessary for carp lines. Smooth surface is well suited for long distance throws. A fishing line with minimal memory, high knot strength, low elongation and great anti-abrasion resistance.

Recommended for fishing in waters with rocky bottom and bottom with a lot of shellfish.

Supplied on spools sealed in a sealed polyethylene jacket.

Thread parameters
Type: Line
Diametr (mm): 0.35
Tensile load (kg): 12.1
Color: Dark green
Довжина (м): 1200
State manufacturer : Тайвань
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