Aquantic MP Target 210 cm 55-110 g

Aquantic MP Target 210 cm 55-110 g

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  • Aquantic MP Target 210 cm 55-110 g


Aquantic M.P. Target - very fast and easy rod but it should not be underestimated - with reliability and performance characteristics it is all right and for work within the test is a great option. Special equipment with rings made it possible to use them with classic non-inertial coils, as well as multipliers. With great confidence we note: if you are fond of sea fishing then Aquantic M.P. Target will become your favorite stick.

Rods parameters
Type : sea ​​spinning
Length ( см ) : 210
Test ( gr. ) : 55-110
Body material : Carbon
Handholder material : EVA
Ring type : SIC
Sections number : 2
Transporting length ( cm. ) : 109
Weighth : 187
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