SAENGER Specitec Wobblerset Forelle Barsch 4pc.

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Saenger Top Tackle System
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  • SAENGER Specitec Wobblerset Forelle Barsch 4pc.

Specitec Wobblerset Forelle Barsch is a set not only for beginners, but also for experienced fishermen who hunt river robbers in waters littered with snags and different vegetation, where snags often occur and it is a pity to leave Vodyanoy expensive branded baits! Four quality wobblers of various parameters are made of ABS plastic and equipped with branded VMC tees. They are suitable not only for fishing trout and perch, but also pike, zander and other predatory fish. All four plugs are noisy, the smallest and the longest are floating, the rest are sinking. The plugs are made in the most popular colors and shapes to satisfy the needs of the most discerning anglers! Unbeatable value for money!

Supplied in a blister of 4 pieces.

The set includes:

  •  floating wobbler, 40mm, color FT, noise - 1pc;
  •  sinking wobbler, 45mm, RWS color, noise - 1pc;
  •  sinking wobbler, 55mm, SBL color, noise - 1pc;
  •  floating wobbler, 60mm, color ST, noise - 1pc ..

Wobler specifications
Type Noise
Number of hooks 2
Type and brand of hook Triple hook VMC
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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