Sunline Siglon Tournament Line Carp 0.30mm 6.2kg 300m braun

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Original Japanese line from the Japanese market! Specialty line in brown for carp fishing. Thanks to polymer resin coating, the line has a smooth surface for maximum casting distance. Special UV protection technology prolongs the life of the line that is exposed to prolonged exposure to the sun. The line is soft enough and has low memory, excellent suitable for frequent reloads.

  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • Increased breaking strength due to polymer resin coating
  • Lack of memory
  • Ideal linear strength
  • Very high knot strength
  • UV resistant

Thread parameters
Type: Monophile
Thread material Polyamide
Diametr (mm): 0.30
Tensile load (kg): 6.2
Speciall: Sinking
Color: Brown
Довжина (м): 300
Applying: The main cord
Appointment: Carp fishing
State manufacturer : Japan
Country of registration of the brand: Germany
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