Grauvell Vorteks 811BN №4

Grauvell Vorteks 811BN №4

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  • Grauvell Vorteks 811BN №4


Vorteks from Grauvell (Spain) - forged carp hooks from high-quality Japanese carbon steel. Titanium coating prevents corrosion processes and facilitates the entry of the hook into the carp s lip, and chemically pointed sting guarantees incomparable sharpness even with long-term use in extreme conditions. bottom.

For different variants of equipment Vorteks offers four models of hooks in four sizes - №8, №6, №4, №2. Models differ in length and the form of a core, and also a bend of an ear (head).

The color of the hook is black nickel.

Comes in a sturdy, thick, reusable plastic bag.

Number of hooks in the package - 10 pieces.

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