UNI CAT Big Daddy 38cm FT

UNI CAT Big Daddy 38cm FT

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Uni Cat
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Warning! Now it's getting big, and cholera big! Especially in spring and autumn, when catfish have a really big appetite, "Big Daddy" comes into play. A special kind of bait in its class, with which you can outsmart large catfish. These lures, measuring 28 cm and 38 cm, are available in a total of 5 selected colors for fishing, with an extremely soft special rubber mixture tempt the mustache with stacks! The Uni Cat fishing team was able to set numerous records at competitions across Europe and from the very beginning was delighted with this secret weapon! In addition to catfish, there were sometimes by-catches of very large pike, which did not seem to neglect this bait at all. Also, these lures have proven themselves during the hunt for deep-sea monsters in the Norwegian Sea.

Comes in a blister of 1 pc ..

  • Article: 1500385
  • Model: UNI CAT Big Daddy
  • Size: 38 cm
  • Color: FT (luminescent)

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