Cicada UNI CAT Pro Nature VerJical Blade FT 80g

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Uni Cat
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UNI CAT VerJical Blade Pro Nature is an environmentally friendly metal bait mainly used for vertical catfish fishing from a boat. When fishing, the Blade creates a pressure wave with its strong vibrations, which is immediately felt by the fish even in troubled waters and at night. But like most target lures, it can provoke other predators. The design of this metal wobbler provides for various points of attachment to the leash, for which there are four holes on the ridge, which allows you to adjust the angle of inclination of the bait. This option allows you to fish not only in vertical ways, but also to experiment, fishing great depths with trolling, or heavy spinning from the shore, or from a boat. The bright UV-active color of the bait is very effective for catching both freshwater and marine predators. Therefore, this bait can be confidently considered universal and recommended to all those who hunt deep-sea monsters on the Kiev reservoir, on Bakota, on the Volyn lakes, or in Northern Norway and the Mediterranean Sea, especially in Denmark and other countries where, according to their legislation, it is only allowed to fish with organic baits!

Equipped with heavy-duty hardware and extremely sharp Mustad marine tees.

Blade Pro Nature is offered in one vibrant green-yellow color version and in three different sizes: 9cm, 11cm and 13cm with 60g, 80g and 120g weights respectively.

Wobler specifications
Type Cicada
Length(cm) 11
Weight(gr) 80
Kolor FT
Number of hooks 2
Type and brand of hook Triple hook Mustad
Country of registration of the brand Germany
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